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Suspension Repair & Maintenance

Suspension Maintenance

Do not wait until poor responsiveness from your car's suspension or steering becomes an issue. Bring your vehicle into our shop at 444 N Main Street for regular suspension maintenance. Performing yearly suspension and steering diagnostics will help you catch problems before they start. At Quality Car Care we use the latest computer diagnostic equipment and expert technicians to inspect your car or truck's suspension system.

Suspension Repair

Difficulty steering, bouncing, pulling, tilting around a curve or unusual popping sounds when turning the wheel are all signs of a suspension system that needs basic repairs. Since 2013, Quality Car Cares automotive technicians have been performing suspension repairs to keep motorists rolling safely down the road in the West Bend area. Quality Car Care offers suspension repair services on all makes and models of vehicles. Catching simple suspension repairs early can help you avoid the high-cost total suspension or steering system replacements.




Seriously amazing. I was taking my kids to school and noticed a noise from my car. Realized it was a screw in my tire. I called several places only for everyone to tell me they were booked, or booking out to next week. I called them and they immediately said to bring it on in. I'm so thankful for them. They put a plug in it and told me the tires are going to need to be replaced soon. No sugar coating anything, adding more on... They just got a new customer. Thank you so much. You guys are truly amazing.

, 05/08/2024


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